3rd April 2013

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One Piece 704 [Comments]

Oh thanks Oda, you never dissapoint me. I was sad ‘cause I knew Law wouldn’t appear on this chapter… but nevermind, the chapter was really good so I’m not complaining. I like this Cavendish pirate… First, because is (IMHO) the first real bishonen in the series. Its a genuine bishonen. Of course, I still prefer Zoro and Law… but in terms of design, Cavendish is a real bishonen… and.. I love the effect he has on all the girls (and some boys) in the series… I can almost compare it with Hancock, its like the man version of Hancock. All girls and boys fall for him.

Now we also have this gladiator woman which seems to be an interesting character. Of course, I don’t think she will be the new nakama… Not yet… Its too early to know that, I think. Let’s wait till we get to know more about her.

Bellamy is back… Interesting. How did he survive? So Doflamingo forgave him? and… As if we didn’t have enough with these new interesting characters, we have a men of Blackbeard crew in this crazy tournament. Thank you Oda, this is getting better and better.

PD. NEW OPENING!! YAY, AT LAST!! After this week crossover, we’ll have a new op called “Hands up”. I can’t wait to see it.

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